About Us

A Little Market in the Mountains

We want to reduce the reliance on mass produced goods and support people making things locally, and reusing and upcycling from what’s already been produced. It’s also important to us to be accessible for locals, ski industry workers, and budding artists that want to get out there and show their work. This is why we remain one of the most affordable markets around. We’re not just a market for professional vendors and this is what makes us unique from most of the other markets around the area. And why we feel we’ve got the best community of vendors, which we’re so grateful for.

Some ski workers and a bus

In 2017, we started as long-time seasonal ski workers looking for a market to sell at during off season. We had a little bit of everything- art, vintage, and secondhand- and could not find a suitable option around Utah, so we decided to start our own. Living up in Big Cottonwood Canyon we thought what better setting than this. So we started as a handful of vendors, setting up every weekend and growing week by week, year after year.

PIc of us at 1st market in 2017. Our VW bus was our canopy.
Thank you for strollin’ through

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has walked through our aisles. From the regulars who visit us faithfully, to the unique vendors who share their creativity with us, your presence makes all the difference. We wouldn’t be the cozy little flea market we are without you. It’s hands down the best place to spend a Sunday, and we appreciate you being part of our community.