Selling at Bccflea


We pride ourselves on being a unique and affordable market that caters to the local community, budding creatives, and second-hand sellers, not just for professional vendors.

Market Wares

We are a market for local art, handmade, vintage and secondhand goods. We do not accept new, cheaply made goods or MLM booths. We strive to support the local community and encourage reuse, upcycling, and repurposing to reduce waste and fast-fashion. We are always looking to add more secondhand to our booths and welcome vendors to bring along their unused items from home to sell at their booth.


Our market is family-friendly and relaxed, with a slower pace of the mountains. We have a nice steady flow where we can connect with our visitors and each other, and enjoy our day.

The Setting

We get to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery as we work all day, and it's a big reason why we're many vendors' favorite market. It also means vendors should come prepared for whimsical weather- be it wind, rain, sun or snow? - all in one day. Bring layers, sunscreen, and a hat. Also a wind-wise display, especially for lightweight items.

Important Rules

  • Weights
  • No Fake Goods
  • No mass produced junk or MLMs
  • No Politics


You will need to bring your own supplies. We only provide the 10×10 space. We do rent canopy weights for $8/canopy or $2 a bag.
No power hookup is available.
Setup starts at 8am and all vendors should check in by 9:30am. If you will be late, please let us know your ETA by 9:30am.
Breakdown starts at 5pm. If you will be leaving earlier than 5pm, you must let us know when you check-in before you are assigned a spot.

We do cancel the market for thunderstorms. We watch the weather carefully throughout the week, but forecasts for the canyon change quickly. Therefore we will not make any decision to cancel until 6am on Sunday morning.

You will be designated a spot when you arrive. We determine placement on a few factors including easiest load-in, and spreading out vendors of a similar category.

We do not accept prepared food for on-site consumption. However we do allow some categories of prepackaged food from permitted businesses.

You must stay in the lane that you designated when you were approved. If you have a little bit of jewelry or art or clothing etc. please outline that in your application along with pictures so that we can maintain the right variety of booths for each week.

There are many products marketed for weighing down a canopy. But many of these do not fulfill the 40LB requirement. The most straightforward option is to buy sandbags from Home Depot or Lowes, and tie them to your canopy with bungees. Double cinder blocks¬†also work with string or rope. We’ve seen some vendors bring kettlebells and hand weights to tie to. All are fine as long as each leg has 40lbs. If there isn’t sufficient weight, you will not be allowed to set up a canopy.

*Please read our waiver before registering.

Seller Registration
Complete the form and request the days you wish to attend. We will send you an invoice upon approval via email.

No Credit Card required to register